ITPIO -Institute for Training of Personnel in International Organizations

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Institute for Training of Personnel in International Organizations
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Mr Ludmil Kovachev
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Skobelev blvd. 42
1606 Sofia

The Institute is a non-profit organization NGO with the status of Association. Members of the Association are currently several leading Bulgarian universities and colleges, many schools, teachers associations, the most powerful trade union in Bulgaria, local authorities, companies from various business areas, NGOs and many individuals prominent experts in the social, economic and academic spheres.
The main activities of the Institute are related to the provision of adult education, vocational training and the realization of research activities and analyses in the field of continuing vocational education and training and the adult education; strengthening the dialogue between different stakeholders in all areas of social life education, culture, local development with the emphasis on human resources development through dissemination of information; organization of trainings, discussion forums and by improving the interrelations among national, regional,

local authorities and the non-governmental sector, while following the modern trends in civil society development, respecting the different positions and points of view of the key actors in society citizens, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, local and national authorities, professional associations, trade unions, enterprises.
The Institute organizes seminars, conferences, debates, training courses on various topics, participates in a number of academic activities such as research, analyses, creation and optimization of curricula and programs, related to the teaching in Bulgarian universities, schools and many other training institutions and organizations.